3 Day Tour

Day 1

  • Fly into Lalibela in the morning and take your hotel’s airport shuttle transfer to the town (a 40-minute drive)
  • Visit the first group of rock-hewn churches of Lalibela before lunch
  • After lunch, drive to the Northern Group of 6 churches
  • Overnight stay at Lalibela

Day 2

  • Attend an early morning service in one of the Lalibela churches (to see how active the churches still are, after 900 years!)
  • After breakfast, drive to the cave church of Yimrhanne Kirstos (90 km round trip). On the way, explore parts of the Ethiopian highland
  • After lunch, visit the Eastern Group of churches in Lalibela (Bet Gabriel-Rafael, Bet Abba Libanos and Bet Emanuel) and the
  • Visit the iconic church of St. George
  • Overnight stay at Lalibela

Day 3

  • Morning trek to Asheton
  • Visit the still-active Maryam monastery (one and half hours to go up and an hour to come down)
  • Attend a Traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony in the afternoon
  • Free time to explore Lalibela by yourselves