Tour Lalibela Holidays

Make your holidays in the new Jerusalem with Tour Lalibela Holidays!

Welcome to Tour Lalibela Holidays, the tour agency located in Lalibela where a new Jerusalem was  established and feel the fervour in the air. Make your Lalibela tour on a Sunday and you will see crowds of devout worshippers dressed in white shrouds flock  into the town from the surrounding hillsides.

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The Churches Of  Lalibela

The main site in Lalibela has the concentration of some of Ethiopia’s most famous rock-hewn churches. Referred by many as one of the “living wonders of the world”, these churches have been here for at least 900 years and continue to be active Christian shrines and the spiritual centre of the country’s religious life.

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About Ethiopia and Lalibela

Ethiopia is a rugged landlocked country split by the great rift valley and lies in the Horn of Africa. With archaeological finds dating back more than three million years, Ethiopia is also a region of ancient culture, civilization and religion.

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About your guide

I am a professional tour guide, born and brought up in Lalibela, and I have seen my home town develop and expand over the years. It is the place where I have seen my schoolmates and friends grew up and went about their life  starting their hotels, taxi services and other small businesses in and around the town. I know almost all parts of the town and enjoy showing visitors around my beloved town.

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Travel Itineraries

Tours can be customized for you, depending on your specific needs, preferences and flight timings. Here are some standard package tours of different durations that can be adapted to your needs, constraints and preferences. Also, since most tour durations and itineraries depend on flight timings, here is a short guide:


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Plan B Tour

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Plan C Tour

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